Is the Godfather Airsoft Factory a good arena?

Discussion in 'New Jersey Airsoft Forum' started by AirsoftRambo17, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. SkyWaffle

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    Jersey Shore
    Godfathers field is nice, but management is horrible from what I've heard.
  2. bob19922

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    Old bridge
    Very true they have a great field and a ton of people offering tons of good advice. The only problem is the owner seems to not listen to anyone but himself.

  3. tango91

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    Thats too bad, I presume this applies to both their indoor and outdoor fields?
  4. Arekkusu723

    Arekkusu723 Active Member

    Yes. Indoor is somehow worse. The refs are terrible.
  5. Watchman_Priest

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    The indoor experience for Godfathers would probably be like non other if you have the correct crowd playing with/against. The officiating is something that's left to be desired, as the people who generally ref the games are teens. The outdoor field has several structures and would be amazing in the right promoters hands (privately owned property and they need the owners permission to run games on the outdoor field.) The ownership of Godfathers gets a bad rap, but its with due cause, some times he can be a stand up dude but a lot of the times he is insufferable and possibly the stupidest person you will meet....still if your interested in going to these fields I say go for it experience it at least once and see for yourself. I've been to the indoor field 3 times only been to the outdoor game once. (Spring game for the outdoor one)
  6. YuiWeetle

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    Got this right off the Airsoft Factory website
    "$10.00…….5000 .20g High Polished BBs
    $11.00……..4500 .25g High Polished BBs
    $5.00 Unlimited BB’s for kids (B-Days only) 1-hour
    You can only use our BBs.You can’t bring your own
    We are making it easy and very Affordable for you."

    That aside, I liked the Airsoft factory. It's a pretty cool CQB arena. Just for coming you get a raffle ticket, and we won a plate carrier. The refs were ok, they're just kids, so what do you expect. Their main goal in keeping a general eye on things. It's up to the players to call their hits or watch their 10 foot rule. When you play a game that's based on an honor system, you can't complain about other kids not calling their hits.

    They were a bit expensive though. I'm near Philly and they're pretty far. I found Battlefield Airsoft in PA that's closer and half the price.