is there a gun for around the same price as the lancer m4s

Discussion in 'Beginners Forum' started by lonewolf1989, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. lonewolf1989

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    I don't have 200+ dollars to buy the nicer guns the most I can spend on guns is 100-150 dollars any sugestions? I want a m4 but I heared from differant people don't buy lancer or kwa.
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    KWA is proprietary parts, and really expensive. I think their sportline series have face planted. Lancer is a new name if I am correct, and needs some time before I would buy from them.
    Your best bet would be Echo 1, or JG.
    A JG M16-
    A JG M4-
    I have heard lots of good things about JG's M4. I would recommend that one for certain. It is also a good platform gun for upgrades. Definitely a keeper.

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  3. RedSofters

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    the g&g combat machine m4 isnt bad...maybe some upgrade parts..but theyre pretty cheap. i have onee its about !40 for the handguard or like $160 for the railed one. i like it, but not my best gun. this doesnt include battery/ charger. great base gun and very customizable. its reliable because its a G&G. also the ICS sportlines or Classic Army sportlines arent too expensive, maybe a little over your budget.
  4. Rusty34

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    SRC dragon sportline?
  5. bob19922

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    Cyma AK, jg g36,jg m4,ics m4, are all great guns if your just starting. For the ics get a sport line also their spit gearbox makes it a lot easier to upgrade. the cyma Ak get a cm028 and above.
  6. Knief

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    I like the informational content of your post, but please find your shift key.


    I like the informational content of your post less. Can you please include reasons why you like guns in the future? Without an explanation as to what benefits those guns offer over other guns for a similar price, you give the OP no method of choosing between them. More information is always better.
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    If the idea here is to save money, then I would advise buying used. Airsoft resell isn't really that great and you can get serious deals, heck I make money flipping a few guns here and there. But if you insist on 150 price limit new, I would advise some King Arms guns, such as this,
    Of the 7-10 AEGs I've owned (Cyma AK, Combat machine, Well m4, AGM m14 G&G mp5) my King Arms has out preformed all of them, and is still running strong, also if you buy new always remember to use coupon codes, I believe airsoftgi has one like happy2013 which gets you 15% off added to free shipping for over 100, you get the linked KA for 115 shipped.
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  8. bob19922

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    sorry i will elaborate more wont happen again knief ok so here we go

    Cyma Ak:Very sturdy gun Its TM compatible so finding new parts should be a hoot. The internals are great for the price could always use a new shim job, re-grease, and corrected AOE. It accepts most AK style Magazines so thats a plus. they aren't know for the greatest externals but it is still pretty sturdy. Good weight distribution but its a little heavy if your a smaller guy.

    Jg m4: The internals are a tank with a good re-geasing,shim job, and corrected Aoe it will last a long time with good care. Its an m4 so obviously parts are easily found for it if you chose to upgrade or need to replace something. The externals leave a little to be desired but hey you cant really complain if you really want rails you can get an s system or buy rails and install them.

    Ics m4:As everyone knows Ics has their split gearbox design which makes it easier to upgrade. Depending on which one you get the one with the crane or the Le stock the weight distribution may vary. If its wired to the crane stock the weight will more or less distributed, while an Le stock will make more front heavy. The externals I don't know a lot about them but from what I heard they are decent.
  9. lonewolf1989

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    Thanks guys I will do some looking into these guns. For now though it looks like I will be getting a lancer for a gift for xmas as my parents are trying to save money to fly me to tx for the 4th of july and I'm going to ak from aug to after my bday in oct. I like the king arm but ics seems to be good too. Which gun shots better for the price stock if I had to wait for upgrades.
  10. WadiyanAirsoft

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    The only gun close would prob be a G&G Gr16 combat machine for about 120$ or 100$