Is this REALLY LiPo ready?

Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by CairnisReed, Jul 6, 2009.

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    i wouldnt trust that AEG with a lipo battery mostly because that AEGs fps is to high anyway i remeber somewhere iin this forum some one posted that for an aeg you can only pick two of three things speed, power, and durability and what ever you dont pick it lacks
    power+durability= not fast
    speed+durability= not powerful
    power+speed= not durable (this is where that AEG is)

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    Honestly, there is no reason to put a lipo battery in a gun, unless it is completely reinforced with high speed gears and 8mm ball berings. Or you have a 500fps+ setup that requires massive torque and a super torque up gears set and highly reinforced internals every where. If you got that, I would recomend puting an M110 spring in, and buying a 10.8v battery. I think the internals could handle that.

    But other wise, Willstab is right. with power you loose speed, and speed you loose power. If you have both, your gun will blow up in a year of normal use.(or sooner)

    Even with a 10.8v battery you will be pushing 1000+rpm. anything over 900 is considered fast to me.

    If you really want to use a lipo get this: - Internal Parts | - Gearbox | - M4 / M16 Series | - * Matrix Lipoly Ready 8mm Complete Gearebox for M4 / M16 series Airsoft AEG ( M150 / Front Wiring) |

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