Is this the right bucking?

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    Hello, this is my first post. I have found many answers in these forums especially for teching my JG AUG but i cannot find a similar thread to this.

    I recently ordered a new ML bucking with its own ML nub and a 420fps spring. So I thought since the spring is around 420fps that i should get the 70 degrees hardness bucking because it is the recommended for those FPS (360 to 460).

    But then I remembered that all fps are measured with .20g BBs and since i use .25g BBs that means that my gun will shoot probably less than 420fps, around 370 i guess.
    So my question is: Is the bucking hardness fps recommendation for .20g BBs? So If i use heavier BBs with my AEG then should I get a softer bucking like 60 degrees (300 to 400 fps). I know that it also has to do with climate, it is hot where I live.

    Can someone experienced guide me through this process? Or i guess I can buy both 60d and 70d and test which one is better?
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    That Hardness to FPS rating is all garbage. It means nothing. It is an old scale that dates back 20 years for a fixed hop-up system.

    Sadly...modern Airsoft does not have current information. You also need to evaluate your AEG as a whole system.

    Hardness has absolutely No Bearing on which FPS range any more and it's barely a good guideline.

    My AEG shoot 400fps and I use the softest durometer packing so the hop-up unit makes "less" contact on the bb for better spin. Plus I use a medium polish bb instead of High polish. High Polish is not as good for flight properties....think golf ball.

    So...get a range and find what works best for your fps and bb type.

    The benefits of a hard durometer packing is durability of the hop-up packing. 80,000 versus 50,000 bbs before wear affects performance....depending on bb and other conditions.
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    Thank you very much. New hop up chamber and bucking have just arrived. I will try them out the day after tomorrow on the local field and I will post my results here, or maybe on a new tech thread and you guys can help me save my AUG :)