Is WE Really That Bad?

Discussion in 'Gas Powered Guns' started by CQB, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. CQB

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    I think WE is not bad. I just wanted to see what others thought about this brand. I'm not asking about how they were but, how they are. I want to know if their newest guns are improving as much as I think they are.
  2. Rigby24

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    I have a we G39C and it works great. I have had no problems with it and it shoots better than my AEG'S made by company's people say are better. So I would say that they are good now and would buy from them.

  3. CQB

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    I have to agree. They might make more lemons then others but, I think the overall product is good. If you think about it, the parts you replace for the ones that might break you end up paying for a KWA. The gun will last as long if you have the money in case it breaks down. That's not even a constant occurrence. You end up saving money and having a great time.
  4. Sparky_D

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    They are what they are, a low budget entry level Gas Blowback,

    Their GBBR's are considerably better made than their pistols, though.
  5. Devgru98

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    If your gun is working out of the box, it's good but they do have quite a few lemons

    USPxMASTERx New Member

    The gbb pistols arent very good, but the rifles are OK. They are just low budget guns, you get what you pay for
  7. Steeljaw36

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    I have nothing but praise for thier M14 GBBR. Have owned it for 2+ years, mags have never developed a leak, and it's built solid as hell. The only thing i'd suggest in the way of upgrades for it is the RA tech steel trigger housing (if not the full trigger unit itself) because Steel> pot metal any day. Also I have heard some trigger housings have cracked (again, pot metal in a GBB is never the best of ideas...)
  8. DaveRuination

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    one of my we g18c's has already developed a bit of a problem (on the first day i used it in game, no less lol) - and most of the mags i bought are already leaking lol
  9. miken2006

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    My feedback based on numerous we guns ive owned and worked on:

    WE Pistols....
    - Cheaper price than most gbb pistols
    - Very upgradeable
    - TM clone
    - low fps
    - decent to not so great range
    - full metal/ good weight
    - works fairly reliable OTB
    - half the price of a TM
    More or less perfect upgrade platforms and will require time and money to perform like lets say a kwa pistol. Its a good gun to buy if you plan on tinkering or building your "perfect" gun. But its a below average performer OTB. If you dont want to do anything to it buy a kwa pistol. I personally have owned and still own many we pistols and nothing has physically broken on them so they seem pretty solid as far as reliability.

    WE gbb Rifles...
    - Requires knowledge of the gun to maintain
    - Requires a little work/tinkering before shooting for the first time
    - Awesomely high fps OTB
    - Very upgradeable externals/internals
    The 1st 2 pretty much goes for any gbbr (though ive only owned we gbbrs) and because the fps is so high they all require a npas to field on most fields. With an npas and a ra tech trigger set they are phenomenal guns. They are definitely NOT reliable OTB but after a little time can be reliable. For example my 2nd WE SCAR alls i did was jb weld the little pin in the hammer to keep the bushing in place and clean and grease every so often and its still holding strong. I would love to here about a gbbr shooting 5000+ rounds OTB without a single problem. I have 3 WE gbbrs and just recently sold one of my scars.. The first scars stock broke. The button (plastic) that locks it in place broke after a drop. And the pdw lower receiver that keeps the stock locked (pot metal) broke. Besides that no problems at all. 0 problems internally. If u want a rifle that doesnt need maintenance get an AEG.

    As far as WE mags if you keep them charged with green gas or propane/silicone oil mix when you store them they wont leak.
  10. Snow

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  11. CQB

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    Snow, the sad truth is people who do NOT own WE say they suck. I own a WE and can say its great for CQB or as a secondary. Just take care of it (Lubricate it and don't throw it). WE can make bad (lemons) guns sometimes. If this happens simply return the gun for a better one. If that's impossible (1% chance) fix the problem. This is normally a fix under 30 dollars.
  12. FSTK

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    I guess I'm the exception to your rule. I have my M14 and would not recommend buying anymore WE products unless you're ready to commit. Truth is they cheap out on the parts that matter the most. If WE had the kind of quality control that KWA or TM has, I'd give them more consideration. When you reinforce one part: another part ends up failing because WE is notorious for mixing pot-metal, aluminum, and steel parts together. If you're in the business of replacing all the parts with steel parts from either TSC or RA-T then WE's a good base gun.

    But for everyone else just wants a gun that works OTB without the hassles: stay the **** away from WE.
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  13. Knief

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    I also own a WE and say that it sucks. Everything FSTK says is true, although I wouldn't really call them good base guns. If you're going to sink that much cash into a gun, spend another $50 on one that works right out of the box. It'll work better when you get it all tuned up how you like it.


    There's a simple fact here that you're not willing to admit. The collective knowledge base of the internet using airsoft enthusiasts is larger than your limited experience. Hell, my collective knowledge base is larger than yours. I've been buying, building and tuning GBBs for the better part of a decade now, and owned pistols from every major brand out there (except KWC, they've never struck my fancy). I've built race guns from the ground up and I've run stock guns into the ground. I own a WE MEU, I've worked on a number of others, and I've handed dozens of them. I've also been reading threads about them since the day they hit stores. Their problems are well documented, observed and recorded by many reliable sources, and present on a large quantity of their products. You can deny this, but it's like denying the heliocentric universe or evolution. You have to ignore every reputable source with a better understanding of the field than yourself and rely entirely on your less educated, highly limited, and highly subjective point of view. You're free to do that, but you will be demonstrated wrong by those in the know every time you put it to text.
  14. Snow

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    So from what i read, WE's are just uber garbage and just save up the extra 50 bucks for a KWA?
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  15. bludyknux

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    Yup, or a TM or KSC. Don't go to windhorse for your pistols man.
  16. Mystery43_4

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    I'm fairly fond of WE Pistols, and currently own a 5.1 HiCapa. Why am I happy with my limited experience with them? Simple, because I NEVER use it...

    A sidearm for me, is just that; a sidearm.... There is rarely ever a time where I actually need to draw my pistol, let alone fire it. So I don't see the point in going out and spending quite a bit of money on something that I'm not going to use too often.

    But as far as performance goes with my 1911, I'm perfectly satisfied with it. Of course I've done a few mods to make it a little more reliable and shoot a little harder, considering the stock platform only shoots around 280FPS. I could R-Hop it and go the whole 9 yards, but it honestly isn't worth my time.

    I've converted it to full auto, and back to semi without a single issue.
  17. NOMAD666

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    Is kjw alright? Because i just got there glock
  18. Thatguyoverthere1111

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    KJW is pretty much the only thing to consider as far GBBs go in the same price range as WE. They're good, but not TM status.
  19. bludyknux

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    It's just me, but I research and purchase quality every time, even if it means I need to wait a paycheck or two. I have not handled a WE, but every where I read and hear from experienced players has not let me down yet. TM, some KWAs, and KSC are what's owned all around my neighborhood. The feel, looks, and performance are just simply amazing. It's everyone's own choice though.
  20. Snow

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    I'm currently looking at the KWA ATP/glock because i simply cant afford a TM because im only 14:D Thanks for the info guys.

    Just wondering, is the ATP a good purchase.