It just won't go

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  1. MrAirsoft194

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    Got a Velocityarm/JG rebrand AK47 and I've tried taking of the hand guard, but it won't come off and I tried a lot of things. I do know it comes off like this [ame][/ame].

    The real problem is that I can't move the gas tube.
  2. Archer627

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    Is the gas tube pinned in?

    EDIT: If the screw is out, you may have to force it. Lol. I'll go find a better video for you.
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  3. MrAirsoft194

    MrAirsoft194 New Member

    I use lots if force trust me I even used a hammer a chisel. I also know that people with my gun had done it. I just dont understand why it won't come off.