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    Anyone seen that Jefftron has revamped their Leviathan ETU? They added optical sensors for the gear and selector as well as added the microswitch trigger with some new spring design that gives it a realistic trigger pull. Interesting because they claim it has the same feel (pull) as a real steel AR-15 chambered in .22lr. This version of the ETU looks a ton better than the old one but it will cost a little more. This will probably be a much better option than other ETUs currently on the market if your a Krytac fan specifically. Take a look for yourselves, I am curious what you guys think if you have/have not seen it already.

    I just have not heard much talk about it, that the only reason I made this thread.

  2. Ben3721

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    That cutoff switch won't last long if you release a spring on a dsg. It will just rip it up from the looks of it. Maybe im wrong idk.
  3. Squad144

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    There are no more micro switches (not including the trigger) unless you buy the older model. Amped Airsoft has a few older pictures. Look at the ones on Jefftron's website. They did away with the cam gear switch and selector switches in place of the optical sensors. Take a look.
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    That's just a leaf spring to give some trigger feel. Its actually pretty sweet and you can bend it around and adjust the way the trigger breaks, or make it so it holds it against the switch and you can just bounce it off the microswitch which, from what I've heard, is identical to the BTC trigger switches. I Instantly bought one and installed it in my MK18 and its fantastic. I have a 17x2 turn parallel motor that will be installed in that one very soon which should be a nice bump for my 14:1 gears.
    In terms of functionality, tuneability, and quality of components, it's the best ETU you can get right now. Leviathan software has always been superior to Gate's and BTC's are not really worth hunting down IMO.