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This is my first post here, so I'm just saying hello.
Anyway, I have a JG ak47 that's having feeding/shooting problems. I've tried searching it, but my problems are pretty specific. Ever since I got myself a new primary, this ak has sat around for quite a while. I was letting a friend barrow it, so I charged the battery, loaded the magazine, and shot it. The gun would just dry fire. Thinking the magazine was broken, I wound it up and pulled the little switch at the top. All the BBs flew out with a decent amount of force, so it wasn't the mag. I then took the gun apart and put it back together. Now it would shoot if I pushed the magazine down very hard (down meaning away from me, towards the barrel), but only a couple of BBs. I decided to let him use it. After the war, he came back to me saying that it was dry firing even if he pushed on the magazine. The next day, I took the gearbox apart to look at the tappet plate/air nozzle assembly. It seemed to be functioning just fine. Than, I decided to look down the barrel. Something was blocking it. It was stuck in there so bad it bent my unjamming rod before it even budged. Than I rammed a long screwdriver down the barrel and it turned out, there were seven BBs jammed in the barrel, starting at the end of the hop up bucking and going to about halfway down the barrel, all stuck. I have no idea how to fix this. Do any of you know what's up?
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