JG and Batteries

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  1. ReconOpsFireteam

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    Mohave Valley
    I have a JG M4 RIS and I am running a 9.6v and wanted to know if I could go either 10.8v or maybe even 10.8v Lipo?
  2. beanmaster50

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    10.8 lipo? Never heard of 'em.
    If your m4 is stock, no use using anything over a 9.6, it'll just end up braking somehow.

  3. Lefse

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    It will probably be okay with an 11,1v li-po if it has the "JG blue" motor, as the ROF won't be that high. There is of course a risk of stripping something in the gearbox if it's bone stock.
  4. Ehudakineyah

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    If its bone stock it will last a decent amount of time with a 11.1v LiPo.

    As stated above, the rate of fire will be slow, and the motor doesn't pull that much amperage.

    On the bombshell side, if the gun is unluckily shimmed badly, or there's a lot of resistance in the gearbox, something will strip internally or something electrical will go wrong (or melt something).

    My 2 cents. There's some work to be done to run a 11.1v confidently on a stock JG. Unless you want to break them... Like me lol
  5. Sparky_D

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    If you're running anything over a 7.4V Lipo or 9.6 NiMH/NiCad, you will want to get a good mosfet or you'll be replacing trigger contacts every year or so.
    Unless you rarely/never play, then you're fine for a little longer.

    I've seen high discharge 9.6V NiCad packs fry a brand new ICS trigger contacts in 8 months on a heavily used gun (mine).
  6. Lefse

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    A large (3000+mAh) 9,6v ni-mh battery can do surprisingly much damage to your trigger contacts if the motor is a power hungry one. The contacts in my first AUG build actually got burnt pretty bad when I ran it with a large 9,6v, with a G&P M140 pulling an M120 spring. Now I run a mosfet in all my guns, regardless of battery voltage.
  7. Flocktime

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    Just a question not really related but how long do you think your trigger contacts will last in a KWA SR10 running a 9.6v 5000mah?