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    What do y'all the of the JG AU-4. Good and and bad things.
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    You really should post a link so ensure we're responding on the same thing. I'm assuming you're referring to the Aug A4? If so, same performance as the Augs before it, only difference is externally.

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    I think he is talking about this:


    Here is a thread on the CA/JG AUG:


    Edit: Here is my post from the thread I linked:

    I've owned the JG AUG A2 for one and a half year now and it's been working fine except for the fact that it came with an undervolumed cylinder which was an easy fix.

    The AUG has a two-stage trigger (press halfway for single fire, all the way for fully automatic fire) which takes a while to get used to if you haven't used one before. The safety is conveniently located just above the trigger.

    Externals aren't fantastic but it's not bad internally. Except for the trigger. I hate the trigger. It pops out 9/10 times when I try to close the GB. The gun is easy to disassemble and it's very easy to reach the barrel and Hop Up unit.

    The battery compartment is rather small but that can be easily fixed with the bolt mod or by cutting the plastic piece that is stopping the battery from falling into the gearbox. You get to it by removing the rubber buttplate.
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