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  1. zmankiller15

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    What are the best accessories (internal) that I can get for my sniper? I'm looking to upgrade my Bar 10 to the fullest and price doesn't matter but I do need to know what the price is on the stuff. Lastly I'm looking for fps and distance / Accuracy! Please comment with what you think are the best accessories with prices
  2. EDI1st

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    Fountain Valley
    Remove the whole receiver and barrel, keep only the stock.

    Custom fit a real M700 into that stock.

    Range will be over 600 yards easy.

  3. Grizzly88

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    Just get PDI parts and er-hop it and you are good to go. You can see all the prices on the parts that you choose to get so I'm not going to list all the prices (not trying to be rude but I'm on my phone and that will take a lot of time) but yeah just go PDI and er-hop and you will be set.
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    I've decided on prommy barrel and PDI hop up, but after that is their any real difference between laylax and PDI parts? (Sorry if this is Kinda thread jacking, who knows maybe you'll have this question)
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  5. Shiftyshooter

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    Since price does not matter, why do you need to know the price of the upgrades?

    Did you do any research on your own? If not, try it. It feels soooo gooood!
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    If price doesn't matter a prometheus or similar quality barrel with an ER hop, find one of Noobie's M-Trigger units, a real steel scope, PDI piston and cylinder, a PDI spring that meets your fields' FPS limits, and really high quality ammo.

    Of course if you have that kind of money you may as well skip the JG and go straight to something like a realsword.
  7. TheFallenHero

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    Promethus is the best for barrels. Your going to want a 6.03 or 6.05 same length as the current.

    Everything else just buy either pdi or laylax. Make sure that if your upgrading the spring to something past an m140 (i think) to buy a v/z trigger. If not then just grab better sears. If you dont upgrade when you hit that 140-150 range then your trigger boxes will start cracking.

    Atleast i think its 140-150 shifty would know better then i would though. I have never had a trigger box crack on me.
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    Oh, god! Look what happened, your other threads about the same thing have been deleted. Please, do not make more. It will only get you banned.