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JG g3 t3-k1 mods HELP!

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ok i'm looking to upgrade my jg g3 t3-k1, the one without ras. I'm looking to put on:
-Vertical Foregrip(and obviously either a new hand guard or rail for the hand guard)
-Optic preferrably no zoom, red or green dot(which requires ras or ris as well)
-A new full shortened stock
-And finally a new improved bipod.
Help please! suggestions tips anything i would love some links or websites thank you.
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no help seriously? come on now....
If your on a budget for a tight bore, check out Matrix tight bores.

You will also want to get a Systema bucking and SCS nub.

thank you so much i was getting worried no one wowuld reply lol
This was the first custom gun I ever built for myself and started as the same gun you have:

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nice what did you do to the internals?
nice what did you do to the internals?
CA P184M G3 bore-up cylinder kit
MadBull 6.03mm PSG-1+ 650mm tightbore barrel
Guarder silicone hop-up bucking
CA P222M G3 metal hop-up chamber
CA A069 G3 high silicone wire kit
Guarder anti-heat selector plate
Systema ball bearing spring guide
Systema aluminum piston
Systema M130 spring
CA A062M 7mm bearing gearbox shell
CA P025M high torque motor
Systema torque-up gear set
CA P203M G3 tappet plate
CA P043M anti-reversal latch
Systema shims
9.6V 3800mah Ni-MH Intellect battery

CA A013M metal cocking tube assembly
CA A037M G3 silencer adapter
CA A066M G3 R.A.S.
CA A090M G3 metal body
King Arms 300mm silencer
CA A079M low profile scope mount
Hero Arms motorized 3000-round drum magazine
Four ICS rail covers
G&G Aluminum foregrip

It chrono'd at 472-477 FPS with 0.2g BB's. The 26" 6.03mm tightbore barrel gave it stunning accuracy at very long range. ROF was 18 BB's per second.
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Nice gun and thanks for the help
love g3's, i have 2 of them currently.

the first one i want to upgrade is my t3k1, initially i want to do some upgrades for increased accuracy and range, im looking at a matrix prometheus type steel 6.03mm x 469mm tightbore - possibly a longer one, and a guarder 70% hop up bucking.

would i be better off with a 50% bucking? i read on a couple boards that you can tear them if you are running over 350FPS, but i also read that you need at least 400FPS with the 70%, or you could experience a loss in velocity. if i remember correctly, my g3 chronoed at 340 with a .25. supposedly it hits 380 or so with a .2 ..?

another thing, should i replace the rifles hop up system with the CA full metal hop up? or a different one, such as the matrix "reinforced" system?

i plan to do more upgrades, but for now this is what i am looking at.
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