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  1. Looking at this gun, and it says the barrel legnth is 16 inches. It has a silencer on it, and if this is detatchable I'd like to throw in a high precision barrel. BUT i don't know if the barrel legnth of 16 inches is with the silencer. So all i found was 247mm (9.7 inch) barrel. any info on if this would fit in the gun? link is right here ///// JG G36 1338 G608-8 RIS Airsoft AEG Rifle \\\\\

    any info is appreciated but i want KNOWLEDGE please, not guesses. i just wanna know if a 9.7 inch barrel would fit in (i know it says 16 but why else would a 9.7 mm barrel be said to fit into any g36?)
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    What you have there is a G36C with a bit of bling thrown on to the front end(ie RIS and mock silencer),,the G36C uses a standard length 247mm inner barrel,,,however since the replica has an outer barrel length of just over 400mm then might i suggest a 363mm(standard M4 length) inner barrel,,it will fit nicely inside the mock silencer.

    Note,,,,you will more than likely need to use a bore up kit when using the longer inner barrel.

  3. bore up kit? if the silencers detachable, ill just throw in the M4 barrel (which shud fit just in the gun) and not worry about the silencer if thats what you meant. thanks hairy.
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    No,,the M4 length (363mm) inner brass barrel will need the silencer left on to cover it up,,otherwise it will look kind of strange,,it will give you better groupings at range,,more so if you swap out the hop up bucking and nub for something of higher quality.

    As for the bore up kit,,,,have a read of this,,as written by our very own inn house expert,,,,PUT YOUR HANDS TOGETHER FOR THE ONE AND ONLY...


    Bore-Up cylinders have a greater volume than standard cylinders.
    This is due to a slightly larger inner diameter.

    Bore up piston heads have a larger outer diameter to match.


    In another thread, I posted the formula for figuring the volume of a cylinder.
    Specifically, it's: Radius X Radius X Pi (2.1415) X Length.

    As you can see, since you are essentially squaring the radius in the formula, volume increases exponentially as the radius increases. In other words, a small change in the radius equals a large change in volume.

    A six inch pipe, one inch long, has a volume of 28 Cubic Inches.
    A twelve inch pipe, one inch long, has a volume of 113 Cubic Inches.

    In this example, when you double the diameter, you quadruple the volume.

    [/scientific content]

    The purpose of a bore-up set is to provide a greater volume of air to push a BB down a longer barrel.

    I do not recall specifically, but I think the bottom end to use a bore-up kit is 590mm. I could be wrong on that, though.

    If you do go with a bore-up kit, make sure you buy the kit. I have heard some people have issues trying things like a Guarder Bore-Up piston head in an ICS Bore-Up Cylinder.
  5. m kay ill check it. on some guns i know that they are very easy to access the barrel. i thought it'd just be pull old barrel out, throw new one in haha apparently not. thanks for the info hairy. oh and btw, GHOST called. he wants his access to AS back. lol.
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    It would be even more scientific if you made that 3.14... ;)
    sorry, couldn't resist...
    thx for the info
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