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    Airsoft GI is selling a value package that contains the JG M4 A1 Enhanced; a condor comando chest rig; a 4000 count bag of ICS .20 g BBs; battery, charger, and a hi cap mag. All this is for $177.00 as compared to just buying the gun which is $150.00. I wanted to buy this because my friend and I are going to start playing at an airsoft field, and I need a good gun. I have heard a lot of good things about JG and the M4 Enhanced, but I wanted to know if it would stand up to guns like g&g, KWA, g&p, etc, that I will probably be dealing with at the field.
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    JG in itself is a budget brand. GREAT budget weapons, but budget in the end. They're exceptionally great guns for someone on a tight budget who soon expects to get more out of the sport, a player who's new and doesn't want to throw a lot in, or a seasoned player who's looking to upgrade.

    As I typically, JG gets you on the field and makes you into a decent force.
    In relation to brands like G&P, welll let's just say G&P is more durable and a bit more reliable.
    G&G, it depends on which line of weapons. The Combat Machines (CM) is comparable to JG +/- some points here and there. But their ProLine weapons are nicely built

    In short withouth overloading you with information. JG is a good buy. Completely upgradeable and parts are stupid-easy to find. I personally haven't checked out the vest, but odds are it's a "temporary" vest. As in, you'll use it for a couple months, then invest in something else. The BBs are good for starters, although I recommend with you next order you grab a bag of .23g or .25g BBs to improve accuracy.

    Aside from that, dude if you like the gun, grab it and take advantage of the sale. 90% of airsoft is based on personal preference. 5% on "performance". The remaining 5% is luck/physics/skill/"insert fancy word here"

    Also, side note: When you're asking about a gun/item/package, for future reference please post a link. It just ensures we're all referring to the same exact item.

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    Everything you'll need.....^what HE said.

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    I have the enhanced version and it works pretty well.