JG M4 doens't shoot!

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    OK, Recently, 19th December, I had a Dboys black body put onto my gun and was told that the wires were fraying, the ones from the gear box to the battery. Today I was shooting my gun really quickly on single shot and it just stopped firing. I had changed nothing to the internals and hadn't opened it up since the body was put on and now when I pull the trigger it doesn't have the same feel and just really easily goes back. I have no clue what's wrong with it and am quite worried. I am going to Wolf Armouries, Wolf Armouries Airsoft Shop, on monday and would like to know what the problem is and how to fix it.
  2. woody166

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    im not a professional but id take the cover off the bottom or ur grip n check the connectors on the motor i had a problem with my connectors on my JG M4 just recently

  3. ghillie

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    the wires need to be replaced
  4. Krazyboy87

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    Have you checked the fuse?
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    check your fuse, check all your connections, if everything is ok then your trigger contacts burned out. That means youll have to replace your trigger contacts.

    Shooting semi auto all the time burns out your trigger contacts faster than if you just shoot fully auto. With burnt out trigger contacts your gun will not do anything wen you pull the trigger.