JG M4 S-System Upgrades/Modifications...Help me, please!

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    Okay, I purchased a JG M4 S-System package (including drum mag, strap, sight, and bipod, all irrelevant) in July of 2011, figured that date might not matter, but it always says NEWEST ENHANCED VERSION, whatever.
    Not sure what the barrel length is, but looking to get that barrel extension (down there) and new, longer barrel as well.
    Also - a hop-up. I happen to know that the stock hop-up is a POS, and would like a new one.
    I'm hoping to upgrade EVERYTHING possible, as in accuracy, reliability, ROF, FPS, etc.
    Low budget, probably around $200, and want to stick to Airsoftmegastore.com for convenience. (That means NO, Evike worshipers.)
    I'll list some of the stuff I've looked at, will someone with experience let me know what they recommend.
    The gearbox and motor I have in the list are what I'm going to go with, as I want simplicity with the install.
    Would I need the MOSFET wiring along with the gearbox that is already wired for MOSFET? (You'll see if you look at everything.)
    I would like to get a better piston along with all of that, and cylinder, whatever. Just help me out. All of these are on ASMS, and those codes are SKUs.

    JG Super Torque 23000-RPM Magnum Motor (Long Type) w/ Copper Plating - For V2 Gearboxes M4 M16

    COMPLETE JG ENHANCED Version 2 (V2) Full Metal Front Wired Gearbox for M4 / M16 - Wired for MOSFET

    JG Mosfet Wiring Harness for Version 2 (V2) Gearbox for Front Wired AEGs [Mini-Connector]

    SHS X-Mod Airsoft Upgrade: M140 Grade Spring for AEG [450 - 480 FPS]

    Airsoft Megastore Armory "Spartan" Aluminum Mock Suppressor / Barrel Extension - 190mm

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    First of all, a longer barrel will not automatically get you more range just so you know.
    As for a good motor I would recommend a Lonex A1 because it is a great balance motor for about the same price as the JG motor.
    You can get a good mosfet from DisguisedEnemy for pretty cheap.
    That spring might be a little hot, don't get a too powerful spring because it might be too hot for where you play. In other words, make sure you know what the fps limit is where you play.
    A good hop up is either a madbull blue or a systema black hop up.
    You can re-shim and re-grease the gearbox to make it run better.
    You can get good 13:1 gears for increased speed, with a heavy spring, and a shortstroked lonex red (extreme toughness piston) swisscheesed by hivemind airsoft.
    Correct AoE as well
    You can get a prommy or madbull 6.03 inner barrel to increase accuracy.
    Also, rewire to deans connectors.
    That's all I can think of for now... I will let you know if I can think of anything else.
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  3. GRSteelers

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    One problem- I have no idea what I'm doing. That's why I just wanted to get the jg motor and MOSFET
    I also wasn't sure about the spring, that's why I threw it on there. I would actually like to get an m130 because that's what the motors compatibility is
    It already has an m120 and a regular jg motor
    I figured if I just bought jg crap from ASMS, I'd keep it simple enough for me.
    Can you see what you can find on ASMegaStore that would be decent? It would be greatly aprreciated. Also, more info on the items you listed would be great.
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    Washington D.C.
    Is the gun you have complete? If so there is no reason to get a new complete gb, that is a waste of money.

    Check the motor that's in your gun. Chances are its already got a great motor inside and there's no need to buy a new one. (If it has a blue or red end bell you're good).

    Do you want a new hop up unit or a new hop up bucking? The two items g-love listed are hop up buckings. If your receiver is plastic then you should be fine with the stock unit, but the bucking should be changed out.

    The kind of MOSFET that you should get depends on your battery. If you are just running a low amp 7.4v then the jg one should be fine. If 11.1+v then buy a legitdood/de/extreme fire/etc. depending on your goals.

    Since you have a fair budget, get a prommy 6.03 inner. Your stock length is 363mm and that should be fine.

    If your stock motor is a jg blue, installing some low ratio gears (14:1,13:1,10:1) would make your system fairly fast yet very efficient.

    There's no point in buying a spring because asms says the motor you want should have that. Buy a spring that puts you at a field legal fps limit. If you have high rof goals then a heavier spring short stroked down to a legal fps would be wise.

    Finally, asms should not be the only place you consider. You will most likely end up over paying for all of your items. Check out places like clandestine airsoft and hivemind airsoft. I have purchased from both and they were both great. Plus, buying from hivemind helps support Mystery43_4 on these boards as he is a co-owner (the owner?).
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    If you have absolutely no idea what you're doing, consider looking up disassembly videos on YouTube. Also look up how-to's on the essential mods such as installing Deans connectors, correcting AOE, shimming, etc. It's essential that you do this or you will learn the hard way.

    I made a mistake by attempting to open up my ARES M4A1 without knowing what to do. I also did this impatiently, causing me to mess up some external parts as well as the internal parts. If you don't know what you're doing when you're opening up your gun, you're eventually going to screw yourself one way or another.

    Time is one of the most valuable things in airsoft in general. Whether it be on the field, saving up money, or working on your gun, time is one of the most valuable aspects of airsoft. Make sure you take your time when attempting to do work on your gun. Slow and steady really does win the race.

    However, don't expect it to take a ridiculous amount of time to become a good tech. As long as you have decent funds and enough time on your hands, you should be able to get good at this. I've been studying over disassemblies of V2 gearboxes and typical base guns, talking to people on ASF (another forum), and learning about electromagnetism within the past 3 weeks and I'd say I already know most things there are to know about V2 gearboxes and modifications. Like I said, you just need to take the time out of your day to learn about this stuff if you want to become a good tech. You also need to know what to look for, so make sure to ask people about mods you should do to your gun to increase the longevity of your gearbox and it's performance.
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    K guys, thanks again for the reply, will be back with more details but I'm just way too tired and my head is pounding.