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    I have a JG m4 that I have had for a while now and it has a hand rail instead of RIS rails on the sides, wear can I get more rails with then on it and how much.
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    1. Please add punctuation to your sentences. It is a bit confusing to read
    2. Please check your spelling.
    3. Which JG M4 do you have? They make a looooooong line of M4 weapons in a variety of sizes. If you can post a link

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    You mean a handguard? You want an RIS? Well you can buy an RIS, but because the jg is front wired you will need a PEQ box to use it. I would recommend a free float rather than ones that hook up to the delta ring. Many rail interface systems use the real style delta ring and won't work on a JG. In order to use the free float you'll have to remove your front sight and get some new ones. The other route is buying 2 rails, and screwing them on the top and bottom of your handguard.
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    Yea, that is a good idea to screwing them on it.