JG M4A1 with flip up front sight

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    Although my gun is broken at the moment, however it is being fixed and will be back within 2 weeks, I have decided to buy what I've always wanted. I always thought scopes look better if nothings blocking them, so I wanted to remove the front sight, I've asked some very experienced people what to get and they said it's easy to do and most are fine, so I looked around and found this:
    EbairSoft Airsoft parts & Tactical Gear - VLTOR flip front sight ICS0005

    It looks very promising and I have already ordered it along with this:
    EbairSoft Airsoft parts & Tactical Gear - EB QD Sling Swivel SNB0045

    So that I can use my 3 point sling.
    Will this work if I attach it in the normal fashion on my gun? It looks very promising and when I have it I will say what it's like.

    BTW If anyone would like to recommend a good RIS fore grip, not free floating preferably, that would work with my gun it would be appreciated and I don't mind having to order a new delta ring if needed. And I would also like to know if the DBOYS CASV rail:
    is any good as I like the look of it and if it would hold a mini battery or would I have to buy a PEQ.

    Also this guy has the exact same gun as mine (but ive got black body etc) and he's got a RIS kit on his. Can anyone identify this ris and give me a link to it?
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