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    Hello and thanks for reading this thread. I would like to apologize in advance for my lack of knowing the terminology for some parts of an aeg.

    I received my JG MK36K a few weeks ago and have had 2 major problems 1) my magazine wouldn't wind. This was no big deal as the seller replaced it. However the gun has been jamming frequently and was impossible to use in a game because it jammed every 50 rounds. After inspecting the gun I discovered a broken piece. I think its called the spring guide. It is the little piece that pushes the BB out of the chamber and propels it into the body of my target. Where could i find a replacement for this piece as the seller will not provide one. Also how would i go about replacing it?

    Here is a link to a few photos of what i am talking about:


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    the spring guide is what the spring is on. kinda of like a train on traintracks. keeps the spring in place.

    what part you are talking about is the air nozzle.

    you will have to take your gearbox apart and put in the new piece.
    here is a link to a video that will help.
    Evike.com - Internal Parts |
    look at the top under G36 Video Guides. these are very helpfull videos
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    Well after observing the damage i was able to super glue it back together. I am yet to test the seal but I am assuming it wont be as good as I want it to. Now I am debating between a metal and plastic air nozzle for this gun:Evike.com - Airsoft Guns | Evike.com - Airsoft Electric Rifles | Evike.com - Matrix | Evike.com - JG New Version MK36K Civilian Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle |

    These are the two nozzles: Plastic:Deep Fire G36 AEG Gun Gearbox Air Nozzle
    Metal:Deep Fire G36 Gearbox Metal Air Nozzle

    Which one should I purchase for my gun? Again I apologize for beginner questions.

    P.S: You guys have been a big help to me and I thank the forum users for your help. I will be sure to return the favour in some way.
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    I'm thinking about buying the metal air nozzle so it wont break again on me. will this upgrade harm the gun in anyway or slow down its ROF or something?