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    I have a jg sig 552 and i plan on upgrading with high speed internals, such as high speed gear set A lighter piston and piston head a newer cyclinder an m90 spring (cqb-only 350 at most), a metal spring guide and a good quality cylinder head, i can find these parts but not a shell, where can i find a sig 552 ver3 shell? In england.
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    I hope you're ready for this I hear upgrading sigs is a major pain and why would you need a new version 3 gearbox shell?

  3. dazza

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    Well i have looked through my sig's internal and it isnt that bad, i also wanted the shell because the original isnt very good quality.
  4. chi-airsofter

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    Unless the shell is cracked stick with it. Jg gb shells are very strong.
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    Metal gearbox shells are pretty much all the same. It would take a lot to break a stock JG shell, and with an M90 spring you have even less to worry about. Since you're posting in the beginner's forum, I'm assuming this is your first build. The only advice I have for you is be diligent in your research and prep. There are lots of little things that are easy to miss when dealing with gearboxes. For example, on my first build, I neglected to put thread locker on my piston head screw and ended up shredding about $40 dollars in parts. Also, with that set-up, you might have issues with pre-engagement, so you'll probably need to short stroke a couple piston teeth.
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    How fast do you want your gun to shoot? 15 RPS? 20 RPS? 25 RPS? 30 RPS?

    EDIT: Also, do you know how to shim and adjust AOE?
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    Good luck with that m90. I'd get an m110 and short stroke two teeth. Faster ROF and perfect fps.