Jigg Airsoft Appreciation Day: Red October at Zulu24

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    We will be hosting "Red October" at Zulu24 in Rock Tavern, NY on October 21, 2012. "Doors open" at 9AM. It will end at 4PM. It is $20 entry. The Op description is not yet released, but it will be going along the lines of the Bolshevik Revolution with a twist. We will have a free barbecue and have a fun day playing airsoft. This is definitely going to be a fun Op to go to! Hope to see you there.

    All footage will be uploaded to our YouTube Channel: http://youtube.com/user/JiggAirsoft
    If you would like, we will be going around doing mini interviews with people during the day, so stop by the Jigg Airsoft tent if you come!

    RSVP to the event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/448692705153270/

    What: Jigg Airsoft Appreciation Day: Red October
    Where: Zulu24 Airsoft & Mil-Sim Tactical Park (1489 Little Britain Road Rock Tavern, NY)
    When: 9AM-4PM
    Other Info:
    1. You must bring a signed waiver (http://www.zulu24.com/waiver/)
    2. $20 Entry