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Juggernaut Suit help

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Ladies and gentlemen, i am Jay. My local field wants to add in juggernaut games, but we have no one to be the juggernaut. I have decided to be the one to create an epic awesome out of this world juggernaut suit. My problem.....i cant draw, but do have ideas in mind what i am wanting the suit to look like. Im reaching out to the community for help.

Thank you
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I'd suggest collecting pictures of various people from movies games irl etc that you like some aspect of, their helmet or belt or armor etc etc. Build up a collection of pictures then go back through them and circle the specific parts you like + describe how you'd want them changed etc. With visual references like that and a good description on hand, it's just a matter of buying or building.

Look up dense foam cosplay construction videos on YouTube, there's a lot to be learned. Also look up techniques to heat shape sheets of ABS with a heat gun.
Or go old school and replace Juggernaut with Terminator T-800.

Then a heavy Cycle jacked tinted goggles is all you need.
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I've been playing around with using fabric coated EVA foam to make armor plates to attach to the MOLLE straps on my plate carrier. I started by image searching for Sci-fi armor and watching a lot of Cosplay armor making tutorials on youtube as someone already mentioned.

You can see my progress so far Here.

My design so far is on that link (very rudimentary) and I've gotten to the point of making a test plate to see just how well it stands up to BBs so there's that. So far I've pretty much just made up my own designs based on my specific plate carrier I have to attach it to and what I think will look interesting while having the least impact on my range of motion.

Of the pics I found online that have caught my eye was a cool modern re-imagining of a Roman Legionaire and the colonial marine armor from Aliens.

Also take a look at any modern riot gear pics you can find. A lot of it you could probably fake by looking for sports equipment. The leg guards for a baseball catcher would take care of the knee to ankle with just a little spray paint. The motorcycle armor Guges mentioned and football pads could also work.

Everyone I've known who played the Juggernaut complained about their forearms getting chewed up. So make sure that is covered no matter what idea you run with.

It comes down to you figuring out how much are you able to spend and/or how much time and effort are you willing to expend to make yourself a suit. Repurposed stuff off the shelf will be easy on the time investment (and be perfect if you're going for the Mad Max look). Going the DIY route will make it something unique but will definitely burn up a lot more time and material doing trial and error to get it done.
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Thank you all for responding. I have been jotting down ideas for it and its not the craft side of it, its the whole drawing it so that i can get a pattern for each piece and so i have a visual for reference.
Thanks for the clarification.

I have been finding, printing out a mannequin like silhouette at different angles, rotations and posses helps me be able to draw out ideas. Especially where parts wrap around the body.

Since I'm using my plate carrier as the base for my suit, I have also been using pictures of it to draw concepts out too. Starting with the breast and back plates then working out how to link them across the shoulder straps. The stylization used there will end up getting extrapolated across the suit to unify the design.

The choices in design that stylize the whole suit have been the most difficult for me to visualize and decide on. This is where all my internet image searching and subsequent doodling has been most helpful.
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