KA black water BW15 sniper ??

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by Ian5538, Nov 11, 2012.

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    Yes it is made by king arms. You'd probably be better of upgrading an G&P or CA SR-25 though for a DMR.

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    I kno about those but I don't like the silencers and the g&p is out of budget, if not this how about the a&k sr-25 even though it has the suppressor
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    How is g&p out of your budget? They (95%) cost less than the gun you posted
    Get a g&p m16a3, r-hop, RIS.. Etc.. The internals will be a bit better than the KA (KA gearbox shell cracks easily...) (if your making it a dmr i assume you will be jacking up the spring, so it would be best to have a stronger mechbox.)
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    I think he means the G&P SR25...I've seen those go for $500+ average, plus they're out of stock everywhere except for eHobbyAsia and Redwolf where the only in-stock option is the Magpul version going for $600 before shipping. However, I'd recommend a CA SR25, especially if you're interested in entering the DM role. They're in-stock on wgcshop.com (I might've picked up one for myself...) and are quite a bit cheaper than the G&P version. The A&K is obviously the cheapest SR25 variant, but if you're planning on extensively upgrading then it might be right for you. A normal M16 style "DMR" is a bit, shall I say overused, as well as being slightly worse, due to it's standard V2 gearbox, versus the A&K/CA/G&P SR25's V2.5, which has an elongated cylinder better for longer barrels and heavier rounds.