KA Dragunov SVD Rifle;TM MP7A1 SMG GBB;TM MP7A1 SMG Mag

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    • King Arms Metal Dragunov SVD Air cocking Sniper Rifle (Black)

    Metal Bolt Carrier with Air cocking system.
    Ready to go for 360 - 410FPS without modification.
    Compatible with the 200 rounds Hi-cap magazine of the King Arms EBB SVD Sniper Rifle.

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    • Tokyo Marui MP7A1 SMG GBB (Black)

    Metal Flash hider with removable head cap.
    You can exchange with the head cap with Marui MP7 AEG.
    New Hard-kick blowback system with bolt locked after the last shot.
    4 position retractable stock is versatile for combat situation (Marui MP7 AEG only have 2 position retractable).

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    • Tokyo Marui MP7A1 SMG GBB 40 round Magazine (Black)

    Original Magazine for Tokyo Marui MP7A1 SMG GBB.
    Compatible with 8KG (134A) Gas and 12KG (Green Gas) Gas.
    Suitable for Tokyo Marui MP7A1 SMG GBB only.
    40 Rounds of loading capacity.

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    • New Product of SWAT MP7 Pouch

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