King Arms Dragunov - Finding correct cylinder/cylinder head

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  1. Cothonian

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    Hello all!

    Recently I've been working on a King Arms Dragunov. Got it a while ago at a 66% off sale and it has given me trouble since...

    Moving along, after disassembling it I found that its FPS issues are due to near to no compression in the cylinder. I'm thinking of simply replacing the cylinder, cylinder head, piston, etc. with a bore up kit. However, I cannot find information on parts compatibility for the King Arms Dragunov anywhere (seriously, I can't even find a disassembly guide for it.)

    The cylinder head looks like it *might* be be the same as an M14 set up, but I can't be sure.

    Anyone have any idea? Thank you much.
  2. AirsoftRyan778

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    I believe the cylinder head is a V7 on those king arms SVDs. You really shouldn't need to replace the cylinder itself unless it has deep cuts or scratches, and if you give it a good polish it should work even better than most aftermarket ones. I would just pick up a lonex cylinder head and piston head and it should be fine. You should also check out the "achieving perfect air seal" thread which is stickied in this forum