For sell, one used King Arms M4 SPC. Full metal. $200 + Shipping


1 King Arms M4
3 Rail Covers
1 bag of .25 BBs
5 G&P Midcap magazines
1 Speed Loader
1 Vertical Foregrip
1 Vertical Foregrip with attached Surefire G2 Tail Cap
1 Charger
2 Batteries (questionable charge life)
1 Carry Case

I pulled this out of storage and I'm looking to sell before moving. Gun has wear and tear from being used, but is in good shape with nothing broken. It's been stored in the case in climate controlled closet since last used. Gun has been upgraded, although I don't have info on what exactly I had replaced anymore. Upgrades include tight bore barrel and upgraded internals for increased power. Please ask questions. I can possibly fill in some more specific details on the items if you ask. Buyer pays shipping cost. Not accepting trades. The batteries and charger were both in good shape last time they were used, but I don't have the adapter anymore to connect the batteries to the charger so I can't charge them up for testing. No guarantee that either works or how well. I'm throwing them in because I don't have a use for them.