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King Arms Kalashnikov Dragunov For Sale

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This will be the first of my many guns I will posting in the coming days. It pains me to say it but, my brother and I are officially quitting Airsoft and have disbanded our group. I will be leaving for college in just over a month and it is time to start selling our guns.

The first gun I will be Listing is our King Arms Dragunov SVD.

This is by far the coolest gun that our team has. The King Arms Dragunov is a light weight Zinc Alloy precision AEG. The One thing that must be said is we have modified the weapon to only fire semi automatic. We did this to keep the integrity of having a sniper rifle. We also added a Prometheus 6.03 Tightbore barrel for better air seals. The gun not only works but has no damage or parts problems. I can guarantee you that you will not be displeased with this weapon.

What it will come with
Original King Arms Box
1 Matrix 11.1V Li-Po Battery
1 200 Round magazine
The Rifle itself (Duh)
3 Sytema Springs with velocity stats on back of packaging

Pictures are Located Here

We are selling the entire package for 150$ plus 20$ in shipping.

In Comparison Evike has the rifle on sale right now for 180 Dollars without the springs, battery or even shipping. After doing a quick price check, you will be paying over 225$ for the rifle before shipping.

If you are interested, have questions or want to see more of the gun. Feel free to comment here, PM me. or text me at 830-481-6843
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Forgot to talk about the upgraded barrel. Edited
The SVD is still available
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