KJW M700 and G&G Hopup set

Discussion in 'Gas Powered Guns' started by Fly, Oct 2, 2012.

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    I recently bought a KJW M700 and am in the proces of upgrading this for Berget 11.
    I already replaced the innerbarrel, got the KA conversion (received it for free after some order was screwed up), added a silencer, painted the rifle and am working o the HPA/CO2 rig.
    When changing the barrel I noticed that the grubscrews that will lock the innerbarrel did not work anymore.
    This results in a barrel that twists when the bolt is closed and opened and therefor the hopup is not working after a few shots.
    So I was thinking of buying the G&G hopup set to replace the plastic hub.
    But after looking at some pictures I was wondering how the barrel is locked in with the G&G hopup set and if I need to order more then just the hopupset in order to get it to work.
    Searched the internet but could not find any explaination how to make the G&G set work with the KJW M700P.