KJW Sig P226

Discussion in 'Gas Powered Guns' started by TheAirsoftGuy321, Nov 30, 2012.

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  1. TheAirsoftGuy321

    TheAirsoftGuy321 New Member

    For a sidearm i have a sig P226. Anyone else have one? I use mine for close quarter situations, Both feild and indoor. Shoots good. Mag that came with mine was leaky as Heck! Leave opinions. Thanks
  2. Stephengrem

    Stephengrem New Member

    San jose
    I have one. It's pretty good but It would be better with a bit more range. I notice that some of the other pistols outrange me.

  3. Protectionperfection

    Protectionperfection New Member

    is there a question about this gun? if not then this should be in the reviews section.
    As for the leaky mags, welcome to KJW. Their 226 mags are known for their leaks. You need to keep plenty of spare orings handy for fixing.
  4. Knief

    Knief Moderator Staff Member

    Ann Arbor
    It does not have a question. And there's not nearly enough here to constitute a review. Locked.
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