KJWA P226 or KWA USP 45 (NS2)

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by fireuser67, Nov 29, 2015.

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    Yeah I know it sounds like an obvious "Get the KWA it's a KWA and it's better".
    I have always liked the USP and the P226, and I have an option of getting either one, for the same low price. What is your guys' opinions on both guns?
    I'm split in the middle of getting either one, even though the KWA is spec wise better.
  2. Raven1st

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    For the price KJW is far better than KWA.

    KJW has made themselves the standard all other budget-minded GBBP are compared to because of their good durability and decent aftermarket support for a gun that sits sub-150$ in most places.

    KWA has a lot of the same problems you will find with KJW but at a significantly higher price and slightly smaller aftermarket parts pool (the right places have all the parts you need though).

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    Yeah, I've gotta agree with Raven. The simple-minded mindset that KWA is simply "better" has been disproved quite a few times. Unless you're buying a gas pistol to practice with in lieu of using a real steel gun, I wouldn't really advice a KWA gun, especially when compared to other brands.
    After-market support alone pushes me away from KWA.

    Having owned both the KWA and KJW P226, I will say the KWA does feel and look a bit nicer in comparison to the KJW, but performance and after-market support, KJW easily took the cake for me. Nothing is worse than having a simple part go back and you find out you can ONLY get the part from one place and that one place is sold out, ie the reason I couldn't use my KP45 for about 6 months.

    Simply stated in regards to the P226, TM > KJW > KWA > WE (in regards to performance and after-market support). If you don't mind a plastic body, grab TM, if you have to have metal, grab the KJW. If you want 1:1 with the real steel, KWA.

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