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Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by matthewzguitarz, Dec 21, 2012.

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  1. matthewzguitarz

    matthewzguitarz New Member

    I probably won't be getting an airsoft gun for awhile, just realized I need to buy a car, would suck to be probably the only 16 year old in town with no car, plus my dad keeps telling me not to waste my money on airsoft, maybe in a year or at least 6 months I will get one.
  2. FSTK

    FSTK Member

    airsoft's cool, but a car is cooler. That said, to get into airsoft's pretty cheap. Get a $220 gun, a battery, some mags, and maybe a vest/drop-leg pouch, and some goggles/glasses and you're good to go. People in the classifieds sell loadout/kits for around the $300 price point all the time. Best way to break into airsoft with little hassle, assuming you buy from someone who takes care of their own stuff.

  3. DadCRO

    DadCRO New Member

    It irks me when people tell me not to 'waste my money' on things that I like to do. If it makes me happy, I'll spend my money on whatever the heck I want. /rant

    Anyway, Airsoft is a bottomless pit that you throw money into. A car would be a better investment for the first buy. After that, you can join all of us broke addicts.
  4. BoogerMc

    BoogerMc Airsoft Jedi Master Supporting Member

    From personal experience, cars are just as big of money pits as anything else. Sometimes worse. When was the last time an Airsoft gun required you to pay insurance, license fees, and obtain an operator's permit (assuming you don't live in the UK)?

    Money goes into both just as quickly, it's what you get out of them that makes the difference.

    By the way, welcome to your first dose of adult reality.
  5. TacticalChef

    TacticalChef New Member

    San Francisco
    You should buy what you want, it's your money. I'm 21, I've never even had a driver's license. if you have good social skills you rarely need one, or so I've found.
  6. wippyt

    wippyt New Member

    Hager City
    Big money pits. I bought a 97 dodge neon with 105k miles on it, first week of driving the brake line brakes, next week the brake pads are literally falling apart so i had to get them replaced then two weeks ago I had to get 2 new tires. I can't wait to see what happens next. But all in all Im glad I got the car even though I couldve got some sweet airsoft stuff for $1800. Id say get a car because you cant drive the ladies around with airsoft gear or so I believe. :)
  7. BRTSoloWing

    BRTSoloWing Active Member

    China Grove
    This is the most true thing ever lol. I payed $800 for my stealth and iv now got over 10k into it. My advice about getting a car, get a non kited girl owned eclipse. Thay can be found for really cheap. And there isent any on them that can't be fix for around 100bucks
  8. Knief

    Knief Moderator Staff Member

    Ann Arbor
    This doesn't need to be a thread.
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