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    Does the Krytac MKII series come with a sector delay installed on the sector gear? I know the MKI series didn't and I can't find any reviews on the MKII series, but from pictures of the sector gear it seems like it might? But I would like to know for sure from anyone who owns a Krytac MKII SPR or CRB if it does have one.

    *Nevermind I found the answer: Yes, the MKII series does have a sector delay chip installed
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    Bull Shoals
    I'm not positive, but it's not hard to install one.
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  3. Christian Bonilla

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    I know it's easy to install one, but I don't wanna spend $4 if I don't need to lol
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    The most current MK2 have the delay chip build in to the sector gear. Earlier MK2 doesn't have it. When we added the delay chip until we roll out the latest gear.