Krytac or Amoeba?

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by AirsoftSquad56, Oct 12, 2015.

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    Looking to trade or sell my p* stuff for one of the two nd I'm not sure which. as far as I know both can handle lips, both have 19 eps, and both have great trigger. So Amoeba or Krytac
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    I love my krytac even though I'm selling it but I have not used an Amoeba.
    Edit: I use .3 and I would recommend them if you get a krytac.
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  3. Rushin

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    I have only handled a krytac, but I owned an amoeba and loved it. Both seem to be built really well with great performance, so it really seems like it's whatever one you like the best, unless someone else has something to add.
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    I briefly looked into the Amoeba upon its first release. My research wasn't as in depth as I usually go as i was quickly turned off by it (personal preferences), but here were my general thoughts/findings. Now you didn't specify which Krytac you were interested in, so I'll speak generally of the brand.

    Amoeba has a limited battery space. You'll likely want to get a PEQ box or battery pouch to really run wild with the gun.
    Amoeba has an electronic trigger - and Ares electronic triggers always give me a hassle.
    Both guns are roughly equally accurate, though most would give a slight edge to Krytac.
    Krytac comes with a Mosfet, I don't remember if the Amoeba did.
    The Ameba includes those hand grips things. Which is nice, but it makes me think back to my personal rule #1 - Think twice when a gun includes free accessories.

    Personally if you ask me, it comes down to the style you want best.
    If you buy the Amoeba, all the things I had a gripe with can be fixed with the remaining budget and you'd likely still not spend nearly as much as the MSRP on the Krytac.
    But at the same time, new comer Krytac blew up on the market you can't really say a whole lot of bad things about them, especially in comparison to Ares. The Ares downfalls can be set even by mention of the price difference, but the question is how do you as a player feel about it?
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    I have a thread about my ares amoeba taking a $4!7 on me. Take it from me, get the Krytac. I wish I did