Krytac PDW vs SPR

Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by plow13, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. plow13

    plow13 New Member

    I have the PDW now. I play mostly CQB. Looking to gain a Little more range and accuracy. Will the spr be better in the field? If so how much better
  2. Tacobasket1

    Tacobasket1 New Member

    If youre in cqb i would just stick with the pdw. To get more range and accuracy i would recommend putting a suppressor with a barrel extention in it and put in a tightbore barrel. The increased barrel length will give you more fps (range) and the upgraded barrel will give you better accuracy. If you want more accuracy you can also upgrade the hop up

  3. Allizard

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    Tagging someone with the PDW should be fairly easy at 100-150 feet. SPR can tag someone at 200 feet stock. If you want a bit more range. Switch out the inner barrel to a longer one and cover it with barrel extension will do. But be aware that increasing inner barrel length without properly stabilizing it will makes your accuracy worst. I call it Barrel wipe.

    Krytac will be selling complete upper for CRB and SPR soon. You can just purchase the CRB upper and will give your PDW a decent boost in range.
  4. plow13

    plow13 New Member

    Allizard that's exactly what I was looking for. I don't really want to be switching upper and lower. I may pick up the spr or crb for field play. I didn't realize it would be that big of difference. The crb would be around 200 feet right?
  5. flattracker98

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    That sounds good but to go with a longer barrel you might have to change the cylinder. If the pdw doesn't have an over volumed cylinder in it already.
  6. meh

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    Near Chicago area
    With the crb I can hit 200ft shots if that's what you where asking.
  7. ibob4tacoz

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    More FPS does NOT = more range
    OP, you mind taking off the upper receiver and checking what type of cylinder the thing has? Flat may be correct.
    Adding a longer barrel will net some accuracy gains, but only so much. A new hopup setup (bucking, nub, etc. I say to flathop the thing), and perfecting compression is what you want to do along with getting a longer barrel.
    If budget allows, get a Prometheus steel barrel. If not, a ZCI will work wonders.