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    Fairly new to airsoft. I’m working with a full metal Krytac Trident MK2 SPR. Need some input from pros to help me meet field limits. With the following upgrades currently installed, my avg fps is 388-394FPS with .20g BB. Field limits I’m attempting to reach and not go over by too much is 420FPS and 1.64 Jules with .20g BB. Here’s a list of installed upgrades.

    1: 6.03 promethius inner barrel (416mm length)
    2:Maxx/EMG hopup
    3: maple leaf macaron bucking
    (75 degree)
    4: Modify flat nub

    I have 2 tune up springs. One is an evike irregular pitch m120. The second spring is Matrix M125. Need help determining which spring to install to help me reach those field limits.
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    Neither is a good choice. Both are low grade semi-soft springs that will lose speed over time, a rather short amount of time.

    Your best result would be a hard spring in the 210%/M125/SP120 range.

    However, for now. A M125 is closer to what you need. M120 is a 400fps class spring.

    Quite honestly...that 20fps is not going to give you much of an advantage over a 400fps shooter...

    Rather fields employ the 420 fps rule for the "soft" springs users. Many M120 shoot high until they settle...thus that is why they "allow" a 420 fps AEG to play. For most insurance requirements. The MAX is 400.