Krytac SPR or the ICS PAR MK3. Which one?

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by Green-Rey, Aug 21, 2015.

  1. Green-Rey

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    I'm looking to buying a new Airsoft rifle with a budget of $300 to $400. I first came across the ICS PAR MK3 and fell in love with the externals, internals and practicality of the quick change upper gearbox. Then later, someone made me aware of Krytec and all hell broke loose. I can't decide between the MK3 and the Trident SPR.

    +quick change upper gearbox
    +body/awesome externals
    +full rail system/monolithic rails
    +ergonomic hand grip
    +Less expensive plus evike is offering any 1 free item worth $67 at purchase
    +flip up sights
    +tension spring release

    -little battery space
    -cheap blowback
    -decent to O K internals
    -No bolt lock for easy hop up access
    -heavy/less maneuverable compared to the SPR
    Krytac Trident SPR
    +light weight/slim/maneuverable
    +internals that Exceed most AEGs out of the box
    +high quality motor
    +integrated MOSFET
    +easy change spring system
    +lots of battery space
    +13" keymod rail (also a con)
    +Fine tuning Hop up with easy access bolt catch
    +Ambidextrious Fire selector

    -typical M4 body and handgrip
    -keymod rail doesnt include rails and isn't as attractive
    -a bit more expensive to personalize to my liking
    -no flip up sights
    -non active breaking MOSFET

    So pretty much ICS MK3 for externals and practicality with internals that can always be upgraded. And the Trident SPR for beautiful performance and user friendly functions.
    I need some help from others to bring some light into this decision:eek:
  2. meh

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    Near Chicago area
    Krytac all the way. Love my crb to death.

  3. Green-Rey

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    Do you think the crb is suitable for outdoor play?
  4. Fuzzyreticle

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    Colorado Springs
    I own a PAR Mk3. It's a great AEG. It is on the heavy side but as a result it is built rock solid. The ICS split gearbox has its advantages. The blowback is for looks only. No real value at all. Easily disabled. The krytac is awesome. You can't really go wrong with either.
  5. MADR77

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    Maybe elaborate on why the Krytac is so amazing to help the OP.

    Fuzzy here provides some good information to help you make your decision. I also agree that you will be happy with either choice!
  6. Fuzzyreticle

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    Colorado Springs
    OP - You clearly have done your research on both AEGs. You know the specs on both of them very well. If you are looking for some sort validation as to which one to spend your money on this is tough call in this particular situation.

    Both AEGs are from quality manufacturers and both are made from excellent components and have solid reputations for overall excellence.

    For me it would come down to the superficial decision of which looks better.

    The Krytac has a slight edge in the weight category. the ICS PAR Mk3 is a bit of chunky monkey but the weight penalty is worth it if your play style is rougher. It is likely to stand up to more drops, and scrapes and bangs.

    If you are a player that takes care of their equipment and is cognizant of their environment I would say the Krytac. If you play "balls out" and your gear gets beat up all the time then I would say ICS.

    Good luck with your choice. I doubt you will be disappointed in either.

    Play safe and play responsibly.
    Here is mine:
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  7. Green-Rey

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    Great simple set up you got there. I'm so tempted to go MK3 but I've already set my eyes for Krytac. I feel someone like me who is still a novice when it's comes to gearboxes, having a Krytac perform great out of the box is a major plus. No need to tinker with internals. I like your post man. I Definitely appreciate the advice.