Krytac Trident MK-II Customization Questions

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    I recently bought the MK-II from Evike and I plan on switching out the stock to the VFC QRS (Avalon) stock and switching to deans. I am trying to put the Titan Power 11.1v 3000mAh 16C Stick Type Li-Ion Battery in there(I think it fits).The gun page said "(NOTE: Battery output rating should not exceed 30 amps)" From my understanding and I'm definitely still new to all this but you divide the mAh by 100 and that's your amps so that would put me right at 30. Would this damage the gun at all?
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    Your information is incorrect.

    1. Titan Batteries are not good. Don't waste your money on it.
    1a. Titan LIONS are all hype and no performance. They are fleecing new players with hype...because...that is the way of the world right now.

    We dissected some Titan's and found "common" under performing cells inside their packs.

    LIPO are better - period.

    Estimated amps is C * mah. Where ever you got that info to estimate AMP by dividing mah by 100 is wrong.

    That leads to another issue:

    AEG's and "all" other electrical systems works on "DRAW". Limiting amperage output is for other reasons that Krytac is doing to "tone" down their guns. Batteries don't "Push" electricity. This is why your household appliances, much less your home does not go up in flames. Your home is hooked up to a grid where a power plant is pushing 500+ amps down lines and when it gets to your home, you are at 100amps at the junction box. Your devices "draws" what it needs to operate, unless you encounter a short...then you have issue.
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