KSC AK74M Assault Rifle;ST Mosin Nagant Rifle;ST Kar98K Rife

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    • KSC Metal AK74M GBB Assault Rifle (Black)

    14mm”-” to 20mm”+” Metal Flash Hider.
    New System 7 two GBB system.
    Adjustable hopup system with new design hopup chamber.
    Realiestic break down same as real steel AK74M rifle.
    Included 42 rounds Magazine.

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    • ST Metal Mosin Nagant Gas operated Bolt action Rifle (Black)

    Realistic outlook for the M1891/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle.
    Plastic Dummy Bayonet is included and can install on the muzzle.
    Wooden body frame.
    Gas operated system which the gas chamber is installed in the Metal Bolt Carrier.
    Loaded 15 rounds BB Ballet in the loading chamber (load under the chamber)

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    • ST Metal Kar98K Gas operated Bolt action Rifle (Black)

    Realistic outlook for the 1942's 98K rifle.
    Metal Bolt Carrier with gas chamber installed.
    Loaded maximum 5 rounds of the dummy BB cartridges in the loading chamber by hand.
    You can also hold all cartridges on a stripper clip and reload all rounds in one time like the real steel.
    Gas operated system with shell eject function during bolt action.
    The bolt and the loading chamber base cover can be removed for realistic break down.

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