KSC/KWA 93R burst not working

Discussion in 'Gas Powered Guns' started by Violet_Shift, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. Violet_Shift

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    I know not many people have this gun, but I'm just praying someone can help me get it working again since I do lean heavily on it.

    Basically, the burst doesn't work anymore, and it's auto all the way. Semi still works perfectly, and I've no idea where the burst sear is or how to check if it's just out of alignment or if I need to replace it. Considering all the instructions are in Japanese I've no idea where to start.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. MrObjectivo

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    I know there is an APOC player on here, who used a k93r a while ago, you can look for him or a mod named Lil_Shady. He is very experienced in gas pistols.

  3. MP5User

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    Common issue with the 93R. Any select fire is going to eventually suffer issues with the sears, especially burst fire options.

    As for what part specifically, I'd have to take a look at the prints again to refresh myself, but you should look inside your hammer group for any signs of worn parts.
  4. Violet_Shift

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    It still works sometimes, like when I'm particularly authoritative with bringing the slide back (far too cold at the moment for me to live test it with gas) and it only started doing it after the last time I lubricated it, so I feel I may have accidentally over-lubed something. I'll break it down and clean everything at the very least.

    I've tried asking over at the KWA forum (iirc the KSC System 7 and the KWA NS2 versions are identical), but the darn site won't send me a validation email, ugh.