KWA 1911 Mark IV OD Color, 6 spare-Mags, $105

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    This gun is already on eBay, and the bid is at $105. Check it out via this title "KWA 1911 Mark IV OD Color, 6 spare Mags, $375 value".

    I am getting out of the sport and am selling this pistol. I have replaced the cylinder and springs in this gun so it it very snappy and functions like it did just out of the box. This is one of the most reliable pistols I have ever owned and is a blast to play with. The pistol itself is very durable and has a real steel weight. I am selling the OD green KWA Mark IV pistol and 6 magazines, all of which have been very well maintained and lubricated (None of them leak).

    KWA Mark IV - $164.95

    6x KWA M1911 MK Series Mag (34.99 each) - $209.94

    Total- $374.89

    This gun is already on eBay, and the bid is at $105. Check it out via this title "KWA 1911 Mark IV OD Color, 6 spare Mags, $375 value".

    KWA is a well known airsoft manufacturer that has been creating high quality airsoft guns for some time. From airsoft electric guns to gas blow back airsoft guns, Engineered to Outperform, defines the quality of their products. Externally, the material they use is designed to withhold a serious amount of stress giving the gun the utmost durability. Internally, the parts used in their airsoft guns are matched to the highest degree for the smoothest operation over long periods of operation. Overall, their product truly performs on the field, KWA products stick to their motto, Engineered to Outperform.

    The KWA Full Metal M1911 Mark IV PTP Airsoft Gun is an astounding work of art. The frame and slide are constructed of metal which give the gun a very realistic look, feel, and sound when fired. Aiding in that amazing sound is the metal hammer and stiff hammer and slide springs. The barrel is conical which eliminate the barrel bushing, the end result is an updated 1911 look. The guide rod sits underneath the barrel to keep the slide on track. The rear sight has dots for faster target acquisition. The grip safety comes complete with a beaver tail to help control recoil and the traditional thumb safety is ambidextrous. The trigger has three holes bored out of it and the hammer is bored into an triangular shape. The frame, below the barrel, features a 20mm rail section for mounting lights or lasers. Finally, to help reloading, the magazine well has been slightly elongated and beveled at the entrance. KWA is well known for making some of the highest quality airsoft guns in the world, and this new 1911 definitely ranks up there with the best of them.

    Manufacturer: KWA
    Muzzle Velocity: 330-350FPS
    Magazine Capacity: 14 rounds
    Package Includes: gun, magazine, hop up tool, and 6 magazines
    Full Metal Construction
    Doted Rear Sight
    Forward Cocking Serrations
    3 Hole Trigger
    Triangular Hammer
    Railed Frame
    Pistol Lanyard Loop
    Elongated Magazine Well

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