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    I just bought a new KWA KM4 with a 2GX gearbox. The gun shoots fine but I want to increase the range and the grouping of gun. So far everything is stock in it and I'm shooting .25s through it. Fore the techs and other KWA owners out their; what are some brand(s) that make inner barrels and hope up buckings that'll work?
    I've looked up and ordered a Madbull 60 degree blue bucking and I've tried to install it but it was going on without bunching up so I don't think that will work.
    Thanks in advance and if you have anything else to add to make my KWA should better let me know.
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    To quote the old knight from last crusade "You chose poorly". KWA doesn't really have aftermarket support, most of it is proprietary. I'd say you might be able to fit a madbull barrel into it, but if you chose kwa for aftermarket support, you couldn't have chosen worse. Thier customer support is decent though...

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    I'd say some parts, definitely not most...
    Gearbox shell, Hop-up Chamber, and Air Nozzle nearly across the board. Some others, the proprietary parts stretch to the spring guide and piston are proprietary. It varies from gun to gun.

    The barrel is not proprietary, though you're better focusing on your compression components rather than barrel as you'll get great increase accuracy with compression rather than your barrel.

    The Madbull (and any other TM-spec) bucking will work BUT you'll need to cut it down to match the length of KWA's bucking. Something that's very simple with a Xacto knife or similar. Video example: [ame][/ame]

    Additionally, aftermarket support for KWA isn't as bad as Steeljaw36 makes it seem. Yes they have a few proprietary parts, but the AEG AR-variants tend to have the most available and it's not too much of a pain to find internal proprietary parts, where as their gas guns are another story.

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