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    I obviously know that barrels and stuff are compatible but what about hop ups etc because I'm wondering if the 2gx hop up system is good for a dmr I'm making if not please reply suggestions or should I get a new chamber etc also about the cylinder because I'm planning to put in a type 0 cylinder
    Thanks Ian
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    Start using proper punctuation before your posts start mysteriously disappearing.

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    Upon which KWA gun are you going to base your DMR? I am presuming an SR10 or SR12. If you are thinking about changing out the cylinder to a Type 0, do some research on matching cylinder volume according to your inner barrel length.

    As far as hop up units are concerned and considering that KWA guns break open in a manner similar to real steel M4, you will probably want to stay with a two piece unit. Although I like the 2gx bucking, I have found it to be rather fragile - especially with high FPS. Take a look at the PDI W-Hold. I have had great results with it. It has good accuracy and has been very durable so far. I have also heard good things about a V-Notch bucking from Angel Custom. I haven't tried that one though. Since the hop up unit usually is not under a great deal of stress -- unlike the gearbox-- you can probably get away with using the stock 2gx unit.

    Good luck Ian.......