Kwa KM4 SR10 Motor + Spring?

Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by kwasr10, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. kwasr10

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    I Recently felt the need to upgrade my kwa sr10 and i decided on buying a new piston, piston head, cylinder head, and Guarder sp130 spring. i already have a edgi 6.01 mm tbb. The problem is that i dont want to stress out the motor or gears or battery with the new upgraded spring.
    Is it neccessary to buy a new motor if so which one?
    Is the Src Ultra high torque any good and which size will fit my gun?
    Do i need new gears or is the kwa's stock good enough?
    I currently use a 9.6 v batterry how should i upgrade without going lipo?
    Please Help,
  2. Lone_Sausage5

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    The gears should be fine, but I would get a new motor. KWA motors arent that great. A JG should be good enough.

  3. RyantheChimp

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    Twin Cities
    If you want a better fire rate get a new motor or install deans connectors. KWA motors are fine motors but not the best
  4. Bulldawg26

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    +1 to both guys above. I agree with both of them. I only suggest that you consider a SRC ultra high torque motor to replace the stock KWA one.
  5. Lefse

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    Another alternative is a Lonex motor, or an SHS motor if you run it with a strong battery.
  6. Bulldawg26

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    Just be sure to blue loctite the Allen screw that secures the pinion gear on the SHS motor. If it gets sloppy, your bevel gear will get torn up.
  7. sniperboi94

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    Go with a 7.4v lipo and an AMP high torque(long type) motor it's the best for the price and as long as you get your motor height right it'll never give out on you. My motors been running strong through 2 different guns(50,000+ rds)pulling an m150 spring. If you go any higher than an m130 use an 11.1v lipo.