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    The complete airsoft package! This sale includes *EVERYTHING* you need to get on the field and dominate. Whether you are just getting into airsoft, or a veteran player, this sale is for you. Let's get started!

    1. KWA KM4 (2gx 9mm gearbox)
    Relatively new, great condition. Minor scratching around the magwell, and along the rail where optics have been attached. Full metal all around adds a nice weight to the gun. The 2GX gearbox is rock solid, and has not been upgraded or tampered with, besides standard maintenance. Included with the gun is a stubby vertical grip, a red laser/light combo, and a real steel Magpul MBUS. 5 Magpul midcaps, 7 KWA midcaps, 2 ICS midcaps, 2 ICS hicaps.
    $300 OBO

    2. Elite Force 1911 Co2
    This is one of the hardest kicking pistols I have ever owned. Shoots hard, and kicks harder. This pistol is not for the faint of heart. 2 mags.

    3. Echo 1 M28 (not pictured)
    Bone stock, but still accurate and powerful. comes with a 8x scope.

    4. Phantom CIRAS
    This one's the big boy, for those long Milsim days. Has enough pouches and molle space to keep you playing for days. Here's a breakdown of what is included.
    -pouch space for 12 magazines and 2 pisol mags
    -large dump pouch(doubles as a standalone butt pack or medic bag)
    -chest holster for your favorite pistol
    -admin pouch with red IFF light
    -large hydration pouch w/bladder
    -goggle pouch
    -accessory pouch
    In addition to all that storage space, the whole rig is completely adjustable and modular. If you dont like the layout, switch those pouches around. I currently have it set to my height at 6'2, but it will adjust to any size.
    $120 OBO

    5. Misc.
    Guarder full seal goggles-$30
    Tinted shooting goggles-$20
    Mechanix gloves-$10
    Tactical comm headset w/ midland PTT-$20
    7.4 2000Mah LiPo battery-$20
    9.6 1600Mah battery-$20
    FAST plastic helmet w/ velcro for patches(tan)-$30

    I Would really like to sell this as one whole package, so Incentives will be given to any buyers that are interested in everything listed in the ad. If there are any questions PM or Email and I will get back to you ASAP. Paypal is preferred.

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    Interested in EF pistol but your pm is full

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    sorry, my inbox has been cleared
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    Bumping. Make me an offer!
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    Just sent a PM to you
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    Just a reminder that all prices are negotiable. Need this stuff gone.