KWA kp45 match or tactical?

Discussion in 'Gas Powered Guns' started by huskylucas, Mar 30, 2010.

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    Hey guys, im new to this forum and i have a question for you guys. I am look ing for a accurate, high fps gas blowback pistol(semi or auto doesnt matter) under $200 and i think ive come down to the KWA kp45 tactical or match. The only problem is that i hear the match shoots faster and has a better accuracy, but im not favoring the star-wars type look. But on the otherhand, the kp45 tactical looks like a beatuiful gun but people say it doesnt shoot as fast or is as accurate as the match..So im asking all of you guys... is there actualy a big difference in accuracy and fps in the two guns?, or is that all theory because the match does have a 6 inch barrel while the tactical has a 5 inch barrel. And if you think i should be looking at another pistol to buy let me know!
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    Get the Tactical.The Match is a civilian handgun,outstanding for competition shooting,but won't really go with a "military" loadout.
    You can improve on the Tactical's accuracy by swapping the inner barrel for a longer one and then hiding the protruding bit with a silencer.
    To fit a light or a laser on the rail,you'll need an adapter though,as the available rail is proprietary.Also the silencer you'll need is the 16mm SOCOM one (not 14mm).