Kwa m1911 mark 2 vs kwa m1911 mark 4

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    Hello everyone, I am getting a new gbb pistol and I can't decide between the kwa mark 2 and the mark 4. To me both pistols look the same and I am wondering what the differences and which one is the most realistic.
    Please only post if u own a kwa m1911 mark.
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    There is a YouTube video on the airsoftgi channel that explains the differences in the MARK series. Really they are all the same internally. The M2 and M4 are both tactical and the only ones that have different colors M2 can come in TAN the M4 in OD. I had the same dilemma trying to figure out which one i wanted and I ended up with the M4, but I also went down to an airsoft shop and did a side by side comparison. The both have their own feel to them but I went with the M4 because it came in OD which went with my loadout. Both great guns though I'd recommend trying to find a shop that has both and checking them out yourself.

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    There are some minor differences, notably the grip, sights, and the cut of the rail. None of those are really major. The key difference is that the mk II uses a straight barrel and barrel bushing while the mk IV uses a bull/cone barrel which uses no barrel bushing. Complementary to that, the mk 2 doesn't use a full length guide rod and when the slide is pulled back the barrel will be the only thing protruding. The mk IV, on the other hand, uses a full length guide rod and both barrel and guide rod will show. The straight barrel with bushing is the classic style that the original 1911 was designed with. It's still popular in many currently available real steel models. The bull/cone barrel is a much more modern update that's typically seen on hypermodern 2011 models. Pictures:

    Here's the front of a 1911 with a bull barrel:

    And with a barrel bushing:

    Bull barrel with the slide pulled back exposing a full length guide rod:

    And with a straight barrel and no guide rod: