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    Hey guys, im looking to buy a kwa mkii ptp in tan, and im really excited, but the only beef that i have with it is that it doesnt have a slide guide rod, which leads me to my question. Is there any way of getting a guide rod separatly fron the MKI (for example) and install it in the MKII?
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    I don't think they have aftermarket slide guide rods because if you wanted one of those you could have just gotten the mark 4, which is basically the same thing as thr mark 2 except with a slide guide rod.

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    Not true. The mk II uses a straight barrel and barrel bushing while the mk IV uses a bull barrel and no bushing. This is a much greater aesthetic difference than the guide rod, and if PeterLuger want's an mkII with a full length guide rod, my guess is that a bull barrel won't do.


    You're in luck. The mkI has the guide rod and guide rod plug that you need. That means KWA makes and stocks those parts. I don't know if you can buy them aftermarket from a retailer, but as I understand it, KWA is great about supplying replacement part for their guns. Send them an email and explain that you want to buy an mk II, but want to install the full length guide rod and guide rod plug from the mk I. Ask if they can sell you the parts directly or point you toward a retailer who stocks them. It should be a drop in fit for the mk II, as I can't imagine KWA would manufacture a different hop up housing for the full and short guide rods.

    If you can't source one from them and want to try your luck, you could see if a WA or TM guide rod/plug would fit. The slides should all be spec'd similarly. It might take a little modification, but it could work.