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Comes with short mag, no stock. Works great.
Looking for cash or trade. Offer up. Trade value $ 200
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Offering a Spartan full metal & wood AK trade value ~$190
Comes with short mag, no stock. Works great.
Looking for cash or trade. Offer up. Trade value $ 200 View attachment 146024 View attachment 146025
I am a bit interested. I got into airsoft about a year ago and have always liked a tactical SMG look, can you tell me a bit more about it? (You are selling it right?)
Sure. It has a field bolt so higher FPS than a CQB bolt. The short mag that comes with it has a slight leak but keeps air inside. This is a navy version which means it has a piccatanny rail underneath the barrel area so you can easily attach a foregrip of your choice. My trade value is $200 but my sale value is less. If you keep it the way it is i.e with the short mag, its a great side arm with an amazing kick. If you choose to buy more mags, it can be used as a primary.
So what is the fps? I play in a rather open desert area, with few buildings to clear. How many rounds does the short mag hold?
I believe the FPS is higher than 360 with a .25. I have not chronoed it. The mag holds 20 bbs. Here is the link for the mag.

Do you have a primary and will use this as a secondary?
It would be great if I could use it as a primary, but I do have a separate primary
You can use it as a primary but will need to buy more mags. You can buy good used mags on ebay, here or reddit for about $30 each.
I'll have to think about it. I'll let you know tomorrow.
I can take a shooting video for you also if you are serious.
Sorry to have wasted your time, but I won't be buying you gun in order to save up for some upgrades for my AEG. Thanks for showing it to me anyway
i cang gice u 60 bucks plus a salient arms gry rail and barrel worth 240 put together
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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