KWA or G&P?

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by Demosthenes, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. Demosthenes

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    I'm recently in the market for a higher end AEG. I was looking at the KWA KM4A1 and I thought this gun seems great. Then I saw the G&P M4 carbine V5 and now I'm wondering which one I should get?
  2. mockingshot

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    This has been talked over so many times. Search KWA Vs. G&P and you shall find your desired answer.

  3. RyantheChimp

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    You will see a lot of these threads. My opinion is that KWA and VFC are the best ones with G&P trailing unless you get upgrades because G&P are great guns to upgrade with great externals.
  4. mockingshot

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    Here is a nice list:
    External in order from best to worst:
    G&P = VFC > CA > KWA

    Internal in order from best to worst:
    VFC > CA > G&P > KWA

    Individual Issues:
    VFC: needs to be solid shimmed, piston cracks easily.
    G&P: needs to be reshimmed, piston is too soft, the explosive piston head literally will explode, gears need to be replaced, motor doesn't have enough torque.
    CA: piston is too soft, motor doesn't have enough torque
    KWA: Some proprietary parts, certain parts have small tolerance limiting available upgrade parts, gears are sintered, piston is crap, piston head is crap, motor is crap, bearings are crap

    [[[[[[[[[Courtesy of Ed1st!!!]]]]]]]]]
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    G&P are trailing in internals, but they are easier to upgrade.

    G&P's externals I've heard are better.

    KWA's are if you don't plan on upgrading or want to upgrade very little.

    G&P's are for people who don't want to upgrade much to have a decent gun.