Kwa pistol grip compatibility

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    I Recently bought a g&g miad style grip for my kwa cqr mod 2(not the best decision) and it made my motor line up wrong and i removed so to not strip or grind any gears. My friend told me that kwa is picky with pistol grips and I was wondering if that was true and what grips would fit right with weapon. I would like to get a magpul grip but I'm not sure it will fit with my sling plate in the back.
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    Take the GB out of the gun and look at how the pinion gear lines up with the bevel and if by adjusting shimming and motor height. If you cannot achieve the correct engagement through these methods then the pistol grip is not compatible.

  3. Hazardairsoft

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    I don't trust myself enough to do that and I've tried everything as far as motor height and it's still whining.
    But thanks again
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    Kwa may be odd, as KWA decided somewhere along the line to be different (In some regards), but here's a list of User/KWA staff confirmed working parts. (Within the link) It seems Magpul grips are a pretty good bet for comparability. Hope this helps, despite being a KWA owner myself I'm sorry I can't help more.